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It was the year that changed everything—politics, culture, music, fashion.  In 1969, people came together as the world fell apart.  And in a cramped garage in St. Louis, MO, one man captured the essence of the era, one handcrafted leather wristband at a time.  From those humble, inspired beginnings, Aquarius LTD has grown from a crafter of men’s belts into a multi-national leader in fashion accessories for men, women and children. 

The styles may have changed in 45 years, but not our spirit.  Like our namesake Aquarius, today’s AQ is the quintessential visionary, a free-thinking innovator always seeking to make things better by making better things.

AQ's Fila Headwear on Tour


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AQ's Fila Headwear on Tour

rich petty

When Fila established in 1911 in Northern Italy, they weren't making sports apparel.  The passion for tennis developed over the next 50 years and by the 60's, they burst onto the scene.  Those iconic whites adorned by Bjorn Borg  elevated the Fila brand to stardom.  Fast forward another 50 years and Fila still dominates the Pro Tour and AQ is proud to supply those elite athletes with functional headwear.