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It was the year that changed everything—politics, culture, music, fashion.  In 1969, people came together as the world fell apart.  And in a cramped garage in St. Louis, MO, one man captured the essence of the era, one handcrafted leather wristband at a time.  From those humble, inspired beginnings, Aquarius LTD has grown from a crafter of men’s belts into a multi-national leader in fashion accessories for men, women and children. 

The styles may have changed in 45 years, but not our spirit.  Like our namesake Aquarius, today’s AQ is the quintessential visionary, a free-thinking innovator always seeking to make things better by making better things.

Notes from Magic/Project


Our take on what's happening in fashion.

Notes from Magic/Project

rich petty


While there was ZERO chance of precip in Vegas this week, the water ran deep on trade show floors with a pallet that will leave you feeling refreshed. Nautical embellishments from stripes to cotton cording riddled menswear along with whimsical ombre and tie dye accents. Head to toe color blocking is having a moment while accents of blue delft prove they are not only for grandma’s tea cup.  Go ahead –embrace those 50 shades of… denim.